Kenneth J. Boudreaux, Ph.D.

Consulting Economist

"Form Submission" checklists are forms that you can fill in and submit directly to us over the internet.  These checklists are just like the normal paper documents we would require for a case, but this way your information can be submitted to us immediately.  The pages will help to ensure that certain fields have been entered, but please try to include all of the information that you have.  Be sure to hit the Submit button at the end of the form to send it to us when you are done.  If the submission is accepted, you will see a "confirmation" listing of your input data, and should print this for your records.  Even when you send us a checklist this way, you will probably also be mailing or faxing other documents (like tax returns, etc.) to us separately.

"Interactive" checklists are Word templates that you can fill in, print out and save on your computer.  When you open one of these checklists, Word will open on your computer and you can fill in the form by tabbing from one field to the next.  You can, of course, email the Word document to us directly if you wish.

Finally, if you'd like the blank "Classic" checklists to print without any automated filling-in of information, those documents are available in .pdf format as well. 

What documents should accompany the checklist?  In addition to the filled-in checklist, we typically ask to get income records in the form of three to five years of income tax returns, Social Security earnings records, payroll records or some other indication of a sustained earning history.  Tax returns are usually the best records. DO NOT SEND US MEDICAL RECORDS, but we would like to have your vocationalist or rehabilitation report along with your instruction to rely on it, if applicable.  If the other side has submitted an economist report, send us that too.